Desire Boost

As the name says, this is a boost pedal, but not your typical clean boost. This pedal does add some "grit" to your sound without actually changing the quality of the tone by utilizing a JFET gain stage. It also has a very high input impedance designed to act as a buffer, it can eliminate unwanted noise from your cables or pick-ups and pull every ounce of your desired tone out.

Gray Tremolo

This analog tremolo offers slow and shallow vintage harmonic vibratos to fast, choppy tremolo vibes and everything in between. Includes a pulsing LED so it's easy to match any beat. The best part is that my tremolo keeps your signal clean and pure. Open up the volume control for a slight tube-like boost. 

Purple Boost

Looking for great tube overdrive tone but playing through a solid state? Look no further. This pedal is as close as you'll get to a 50-watt Marshall or a Fender Tweed without shelling out for a vintage amp. The unique design uses FETs to mimic a tube being pushed to the point of breaking up. This pedal also sounds great as a clean boost in front of a tube amp. *This is one of our favorite boost pedals at Elevation Boutiques!

White Overdrive

A thick, full overdrive pedal with bright, crisp tones. Designed to complement the Red pedal's darker tones, the White pedal will remind you of the great arena rock acts from the 70's.

Yellow Delay

Designed by popular request. I've always liked the natural decay and warm tone of analog delays, so I created this delay pedal with analog gain and filter stages. With delay times ranging from 10ms to 580ms, repeats start clean and are colored as they fade away.

Red Overdrive

A dark, dirty overdrive pedal that uses the same chip as the original TS-808 Tube Screamer. Deep, rich tones with more gain than you'll ever need. This pedal will make your solos hotter than a urinary tract infection.


Lotus demos coming soon!

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