We are happy to work with Man Vs. Machine Electronics! 

Man Vs. Machine is a small operation based out of Northern Ohio, offering fine tuned, completely hand built effects pedals. All of their pedals are built with high quality components including hand selected and auditioned transistors, panasonic capacitors, 1% metal film resistors, silver plated teflon coated wire and 3PDT true bypass switching. 

In notch stuff here! 

The Bad Habbit
An incredibly diverse drive unit that takes you from thick, classic drive tones, to rich and complex distortion, and even mellow fuzz tones. Capable of anything from vintage grit, to modern crunch, to smooth/classic fuzz. The Bad Habit will have you hooked the first time you turn it on. 100% Hand-built in the USA, with high quality components and (as always) true bypass.

REV. 1 : The first revision has altered the circuit to make it compatible with single coils. The Thick switch has been changed into a knob, and the drive control has seen a slight reduction in gain.

-Volume: Controls overall volume
-Drive: Controls overall drive
-Low: Controls low-end EQ and saturation
-High: Controls high-end EQ and saturation
-Thick: Varies the thickness and aggression of the circuit.

*** Recommended for either Humbuckers or Single Coils ***

Lil Dirt
A versatile overdrive that goes from dirty boost to dynamic drive tones, to high gain break-up bliss. The tone knob adds saturation and girth to the overall sound, while the mud knob controls the gain going into the circuit. The Lil Dirt is a natural extension of your guitar and amplifier, retains your original tone, and sounds as convincing as a cranked tube amp. This is not another cliche overdrive, this is the Lil Dirt. 100% hand-built in the USA with high quality components, and (as always) true bypass.

REV. 1 : The first revision has seen a dramatic increase in the input inpedance, giving more clarity and fidelity to the tone. 

-Volume: Controls Overall Level
-Dirt: Controls Overall amount of Gain
-Tone: Controls saturation/transparency, turn it down for more transparency, up for more saturation
-Mud: Controls pre-boost section, adds richness, complexity, and boost
-Lows: Adds low-end punch to the circuit

 *** Recommended for either Humbuckers or Single Coils ***

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