Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We are extremely happy to announce our partnership with the Netherlands based boutique scientist of sound, DrNo-Effects! These pedals are boutique to the highest level leaving no room for digital disappointments for all you analog lovers!

DrNo-Effects takes you back in time and captured the “tone mystery” with his NEW vintage guitar effects. ”I totally adore the true vintage sound that made it famous. To create that “True Vintage Sound” all my effects are 100% handmade/handwired. I only use the best “old school” components and materials available. Just to ensure you have purchased a top quality product that lasts forever.  My effects only work with external 9v power supply. Batteries are bad for the world’s environment. I believe this is very important. -Dr.No

We love representing brands that have a true passion for their work and DrNo-Effects is no exception. This company displays a stern passion for keeping analog alive and well by producing effects that fall in line with the truest of vintage tone.

These amazing pedals will be available through dealers only.

If you would like to become a dealer please let us know by emailing Brandon@elevationboutiques.com  

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