Sunday, July 21, 2013




We received an unexpected package in the mail from Spaceman Effects. Inside we discovered a pedal without any markings or instructions so we decided to film a demo of this mystery pedal. Along with my friend Justin Weaver, we try to figure out what this pedal does as we go with no previous instructions. We recorded it live. This is the first time we have plugged this pedal in. Without an official description from Spaceman Effects we can't be sure we got our descriptions of it 100% accurate other than it is a unique fantastic fuzz!

Filmed by Transit Labs at Center Street Studios in Nashville, TN

Guitarist - Justin Weaver (you can currently see Justin on tour with Wynonna Judd and check out his band, "Band Of Love" at

Coordinator, Switch Switcher, Knob Turner & Commentary - Brandon Carswell -

Gear used: Fender Standard Strat, '85 Gibson SG, Silver Face Fender Princeton Reverb & the Top Secret Spaceman Effects pedal.

For more info on what this pedal might be and when you can get your hands on it visit

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